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Helium 10 is rated “Excellent” with 4.3


This product is indeed a great purchase, however customer service is terrible! Every time I want to re subscribe, there is an issue and it takes MULTIPLE tries on the SAME credit card for it to process. When I reach out, no matter how many times I tell her the issue is not with my bank nor funds and that HELIUM 10 is NOT blocked, I recieve emails literally stating the same response! I genuinely wish I could screenshot the email conversation with the rep “Kristy L…” because the incompetence is unreal! It was as if I wasn’t being heard at all and zero form of help was provided even when I requested to be contacted by literally anyone else but her. As I said, the product is great but my God please train your reps to LISTEN to the issues before simply copying and pasting a response.


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