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Lesson 1 – Intro


welcome to the amz scout mini course this is going to be the missing piece to your financial dreams it’s really great to have you in the course and i’m so excited to get started let’s dive right in what is the purpose of this course today the main purpose is to avoid screwing up avoid failure now i’ve been working with amc scout for a while and i’ve heard some of the stories from their users and how a lot of them failed when they started due to a knack of lack of knowledge or not having the right tools or just not making use of the data available so you want to learn from those who came before you you know we’ve had tons of testimonials doing of people doing so well but the people who have suffered losses usually more than five thousand dollars investing into a product that they hoped would be successful but ended up just being a drain on their time and finances they were only able to recover once they had the right information and the right tools so because of that i and amz scout we’ve come together to bring you this complete beginner course in order to make sure that people don’t go through that process and start their amazon journey without having to worry if the product that they has has potential to succeed or not and that’s why we’re going to go with you step-by-step guiding with you with my experience personally personally i’ve coached 300 plus students made over 400 grand on amazon coat students to get to 50k or more we’ve been working with amc scout for a while so i’m in a position to really really help you get get an abundant opportunity online and be armed with the amc scouts tool so you get the best information and the most accurate data so we’re going to actually utilize amz scout to get a leg up on the competition so why is selling on amazon such a good idea let’s talk about this for a second amazon is the most powerful global ecommerce platform as a company it’s passed a trillion dollars in market cap second only to apple and it will take fifty percent of all the e-commerce markets in the us by the end of 2018.

Five percent of all the items sold in the us are already bought on amazon and the growth on the platform continues to increase what happens is now it can become a gateway to growing your brand amazon has passed the 300 million active users mark in 2017 and that number is steadily rising so we have a a platform dominating the e-commerce market while e-commerce itself is on the rise to dominate all of retail now this is the best place to be a testament to that fact that in 2016 there were more than 70 000 amazon sellers making over a hundred thousand in that year and since then the number has gone way above 100 000 people now while this is obviously great for a potential marketplace to sell on without the right data you still will not be able to take advantage of this potential so instead amc scout provides you a tool to unlock this puzzle and you can start to profit from this opportunity so why amz scout okay amz scout has a very powerful responsive technology it’s the best tool available for market research between the chrome extension and the web app all of the needs of an amazon seller are at your fingertips now our technology is responsive to the needs of the sellers by having a team of engineers willing to respond to the needs of the seller we’re able to keep up with the constantly changing landscapes of amazon and e-commerce as a whole this responsiveness to the technology means you will always be ready for the changes and the challenges that selling online presents now we’ve had a rich history of sellers and that’s one of the reasons we’re able to stay so responsive because our relationships with seasoned amazon sellers people like myself and many others have been involved since the start and we help to stay up to date on tricks of the trade common missteps and issues people have with hijackers seller support problems problems with seasonality and anything else under the sun really with amc scout it simplifies the whole process the entire process of selling on amazon can be quite overwhelming and disheartening especially if you’re a beginner so we take those difficulties and make them palatable make them simple and done in just a few steps now our web app allows for immediate and effective keyword research to help continue to optimize after launching a successful product and our chrome extension helps to simplify the entire research process so you can have more confidence in getting a successful product right from the start so a big question we get all the time is can anyone do this can anyone do this in short yes amz scout has tens of thousands of users and almost every single one of them or rather was an everyday working person trying to find a way to get some passive income you would be surprised to find out how many of the things that are sold on amazon are sold by small sellers like these and by small we don’t mean having little income because some of them make astronomical sums by small seller we mean an individual selling their private label product much like yourself and you are planning to do that a big seller would have some previously well established brands creating new revenue streams for them on amazon and even these bigger sellers get out competed by individual sellers that know what they’re doing so not only is this something you can do it’s something that people like you are doing as we speak and have done it successfully for more than a few years now some of these private sellers grow to be huge huge sellers and even grow and expand out of amazon now anything is possible here and all and all of this opportunity is right in front of you you just need to take advantage of it anyone that’s willing to commit and is serious about selling on amazon can and most likely will succeed you just have to be willing to learn and make the effort to understand the environment of amazon and make some good well thought out decisions and you are in so this course is the start of a better tomorrow in short this course offers so much now what does this course exactly offer first it’s a beginner’s guide taking you from product research to product launch it’s a comprehensive guide it simplifies the entire process and it enables you to use the chrome extension and web app effectively and these tools are vital during your start during a humble beginnings to find a product that will make you a thousand plus per month we teach how to get to ten thousand plus per month per month but just as important as you season and grow as a seller and as you grow as a seller it continues to be important now these tools help you this course will help you optimize your listing to make sure you’re on top of your competition and when you’ve achieved success you can continue to succeed our chrome extension removes the stress and difficulties associated with finding your first product it gives you a well-deserved confidence that you are good at picking products that can make you thousands the opportunity score for example is just one is a one-stop shop for evaluating a product a simple glance gives an overall score for plausible successfulness so we’re going to help you save time and avoid mistakes now i had to learn this the hard way and i personally would have loved at all to help me avoid all of these difficulties now there’ll always be a learning curve with trial and error as an amazon seller however there’s no reason you should start the selling process with all these possible mistakes you can make so we’ll make sure you can smoothly make the transition to a full-time amazon seller without wasting your valuable time and money by showing you all the relevant details in one place you can avoid these errors so you can hit the ground running so what it takes to get started running an amazon business now selling an amazon business selling on an amazon business is obviously not a get-rich-quick scheme it’s a real legitimate business that you’re running a real retail business the only difference being that some aspects such as required investment and market expertise are much easier to approach you don’t need as much money and you don’t need as much expertise once it’s actually running properly you can manage it from anywhere in the world and become largely mostly a passive income and that’s what we’ve done so you can focus on having fun and enjoying your life a lot more or pursuing other business ventures or adding more products now we can’t do the hard work for you but with this mini course we are there to help you on the journey the success is yours alone but we are proud to help see you achieve that so if you’re interested and you want to know more let’s dive into it what do i consider when picking a product so there are some types of products that are not necessarily bad products but either you know require a much larger investment or they’re more expensive to be successful on amazon now in this course we’ll help you avoid some of those difficult products and start with products that can make money right from the start now amz scout helps weed out successes and failures by allowing you to tailor your search to variations that you personally pick out we’re also going to cover what the qualities of a great product are we use the criteria identified by successful amazon sellers including myself backed by millions in sales to help you identify these ideal products now where do you get the ideas and inspiration getting product ideas can be hard and it can take a long time but we will give you some suggestions on how you can quickly get a decent number of product ideas for evaluation now we’re gonna go from discovery to launch finding a product isn’t enough you need to make it your own and we’ll show you how to take an acorn of an idea and turn it into a massive oak tree of success now this happens through private labeling effective branding and many other things which we’ll show you how to do this can be intimidating a little bit so we do simplify it for you and we remove any difficulties to actually starting many of the features of amz scout will help you with this and they’re completely unique to this mini course in this program the niche word map for example and sourcing links are not found anywhere else in the seller’s realm so how to find a good supplier and get your first prototype we’re also going to talk about that finding a supplier that is reliable and trustworthy it can be a little bit stressful and the process of approaching factories for the first time in china can be a little bit intimidating so in this lesson we’re going to show you how to approach them what sort of information to ask for and how to recognize a decent supplier and we also cover ways you can efficiently and safely pay for your suppliers now you’ve got your prototype so what next so you need to make sure that the product you are selling is not going to have a high return rate and customers must like it we’re going to give you a way to test and examine the product for long-term market success and once you make it through each of these lessons in this mini course you’ll be able to start your amazon journey off on the right foot and quickly become financially independent and wildly successful so i’m so excited to bring this little mini course to you and i hope you’re excited to get learning