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Meet Tactical Expander | Expand Your Tactical Arbitrage Sourcing


Have you ever told a friend about selling on Amazon and suggested they try it out? 

I have. A lot…

If such records were kept, I’m pretty sure I’d be #1 on total recommendations. 

This is what typically happens. 

95% of people do nothing. We’re excited talking over dinner or drinks. They are all about it and then…crickets. 

Then, maybe 3% actually go out and start with some retail arbitrage or online arbitrage. 

Something like this is usually their reply, “I scanned a few products and nothing seemed profitable.” 

My answer, “A few products won’t cut it.” 

Arbitrage is a game of research at scale.

Combing as much data as precisely as possible and then parsing it apart to leave nothing but creamy leads on the top.

So, here’s the equation…

More Products Scanned = More Products Found

Tactical Arbitrage was at the forefront of the massive data movement and has allowed its users to scan millions of products all over the world. 

But, there are some ways we can take it even further.

Let me add to our equation here…

More Products Scanned – Competition = More Products Found with Better Turnover and ROI

Up until now, the only way to scan more sites with less competition was to add your own custom x-paths to Tactical ArbiTrage. 

That is awesome BUT there are some drawbacks… 

  • They might require additional upkeep if sites change
  • Not every site is compatible
  • It can be expensive

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Javier San Juan of Tactical Bucket and created a solution to all of these limitations. 

It’s called Tactical Expander and we’re releasing it at an INSANE discount to our previous students and clients.

Say Hello to Tactical Expander!

Tactical Expander is a one of a kind Google Chrome extension that allows you to scan (or “scrape”) 3rd party websites that until now, could not be supported inside of Tactical Arbitrage. 

Some sites simply aren’t supported by Tactical Arbitrage directly or with custom X-Paths but our extension can now bypass that entirely. 

This means you’ll be breaking from the previous restraints and will be scanning from sites other users simply cannot!

  • They might require additional upkeep if sites change If fixes can be made, we make them!
  • Not every site is compatible We go beyond the traditional limitations!
  • It can be expensive Just $199 for lifetime access AND new sites added non-stop!

Watch this quick demo video to understand more about what exactly you’ll be able to do…

The Currently Supported Sites!

The beta launch will include nearly 100 websites from US, UK and CA marketplaces.

We are adding new sites NON STOP and you’ll have access to every single one of them at no extra charge!


  • cabelas.com
  • anytimecostumes.com
  • gilt.com
  • fredmeyer.com
  • crateandbarrel.com
  • kitbag.com
  • officialcostumes.com
  • aliexpress.com
  • heb.com
  • getolympus.com
  • shop.com
  • feelunique.com
  • michaelkors.com
  • cotswoldco.com
  • boxed.com
  • kroger.com
  • shopdisney.com
  • menards.com
  • toysrus.com
  • clarksusa.com
  • chewy.com
  • sweetwater.com
  • maccosmetics.com
  • delivery.publix.com
  • dhgate.com
  • pepboys.com
  • biglots.com
  • anthropologie.com
  • clinique.com
  • famousfootwear.com
  • speedousa.com
  • chegg.com
  • nike.com
  • teva-eu.com
  • bedbathhome.com
  • americangreetings.com
  • ralphlauren.com
  • uniformcity.com
  • adidas.com
  • printerinks.com
  • naturalizer.com
  • adorama.com
  • pacsun.com
  • vitaminshoppe.com
  • thriftbooks.com,
  • aliceandolivia.com
  • thebodyshop.com
  • shop.samsung.com
  • rockler.com
  • eastbay.com
  • loft.com
  • outlet.verabradley.com
  • dollardays.com
  • costumesupercenter.com
  • corelle.com
  • ereplacementparts.com
  • shoebacca.com
  • petvalu.com
  • urbanoutfitters.com
  • dermstore.com
  • saksoff5th.com
  • swansonvitamins.com
  • soccer.com
  • angara.com
  • mindware.orientaltrading.com
  • alternativeapparel.com
  • shop.mattel.com
  • fleetfarm.com
  • internationaltool.com
  • kmaxx.com
  • brickseek.com
  • vitacost.com
  • fanatics.com
  • swimoutlet.com
  • autozone.com

CA Sites

  • thesource.ca
  • adidas.ca
  • sallybeauty.ca
  • tsc.ca
  • canada.michaels.com

UK Sites

  • evoscooters.co.uk
  • meshstore.co.uk
  • cultbeauty.co.uk
  • rajapack.co.uk
  • poundland.co.uk
  • 999inks.co.uk
  • staples.co.uk
  • adidas.co.uk
  • lockandkey.co.uk
  • simplyled.co.uk
  • angliatoolcentre.co.uk

Get LIFETIME ACCESS as an Early Bird Beta User

You’ll be paying a one time fee that will give you unlimited access to Tactical Expander for life.


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